Hydrocut Coffee. Fresh Roasted Coffee for the Waterloo Cycling Club. Contrabean
Hydrocut Coffee. Fresh Roasted Coffee for the Waterloo Cycling Club. Contrabean Hydrocut - Los Dilirious Los Monos


$3 from each 340g bag is donated to support the Waterloo Cycling Club Hydrocut Mountain Bike Trails

Los Dilirios - Los Monos
Origin: Nicaragua
Variety: Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon
Region: Pueblo Nuevo
Farm: Milton Canales - Los Dilirios
Altitude: 1450 m asl

Process: Soaking tank method, African raised bed and patio dried, zero defect EP

Hazelnut , light spice fragrance and caramel sweetness. Aroma of vanilla and a hint of berries and cherries. Flavours include light lemon, hints of cherries and a background of cocoa. Well balanced, medium body and smooth

An excellent filter coffee or Single Origin Espresso

Los Delirios is a former Cup of Excellence winning farm that was the life’s work and vision of Señor Daniel Canales. After winning the inaugural COE held in Nicaragua, Sr. Canales and his three sons garnered international acclaim, and were true pioneers in the cultivation of specialty coffee in Nicaragua. As their production expanded, they were able to re-invest in modern equipment for farming and washing purposes. The family was also one of the first organic certified farms in Nicaragua, due to their unwavering belief in preservation of land, plants and wildlife. 

Now the three brothers each have inherited their own micro lots and have begun to experiment on their own with the results all being outstanding individual lots with their own unique flavor profiles. We are very excited to be able to offer the Los Monos micro-lots. Our importer, Green Haven Imports is building a long and sustainable relationship with these innovative and visionary producers who will continue being at the forefront of specialty coffee production in Nicaragua.